The region of the “South Baltic Four Corners” is situated in the very centre of the South Baltic Sea region. The Danish isle of Bornholm, the Swedish region Southeast Skåne, the Polish town Świnoujście and the German isle of Rügen, are connected with each other by the Baltic Sea. Cultural commonalities and historic experience characterise the appearance today. The regions have been cooperating already since 1995 to make it more interesting for visitors.

Many sailors have already got to know the wide variety of sailing grounds and landscapes in the “South Baltic Four Corners”. They are enthusiastic about maritime challenges and relaxed sailing trips. They love the original fishing ports and enjoy modern marinas. Accompanied by the excellent services offered, they experience cultural offers and historic sights of importance when on shore leave.

This sailing guide overcomes borders – it paves the way to benefit from the short distances between the regions for a personal and unique adventure. You find practical instructions for the approach to ports and the services offered. You can use it to plan tours, excursions and activities in advance.

The harbourmasters of the regions know and trust each other. They have been co-operating for decades and visit each other to exchange experiences gained. In this sailing guide they make their experience available to you!