Svaneke Havn
55°8.147’N  15°8.787’E

Charming harbour with active commercial fishing. The harbour was blasted out of the rocks and is located in the middle of the Sunshine Town of Svaneke, which has more hours of sunshine than any other town in Denmark. The 2 northernmost harbour basins are reserved for visiting boats. Excellent space – which becomes intimate when the historic harbour gate is closed during strong easterly winds. Svaneke-2

port map

Approach to Svaneke

The port can be entered both day and night by having due regard to the wind, the current and the visibility. The light of Sandkås Odde will give you the direction, when heading for Svaneke. When approaching the port from north-east, follow the direction light south of the port until you can see the leading light in the port itself. Follow line 297°. There are rocks south to the port entrance and concrete blocks north of it. Never follow the leading light directly, when you approach the place from the south or east, since you will end up in the rocky isles of Mågeflak.

When the port is blocked due to strong onshore wind or because it is full up, the following signals will be set north of the port: three red fixed lights (additionally, a white fixed light underneath, if the gates of the inner harbor are closed) or a black ball.


Havnebryggen 4
3740 Svaneke

service and supplies

running cold water power toilet shower shopping facility automatic washing machine propangas crane jib crane
slipway boat yard engine workshop service sailmaker club house or similar facility restaurant or café tv bike rental

40 guest berths

harbour master

phone +45 56 92 23 30

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Brændesgårdshaven/ Joboland (5 km)
Svaneke Stubmølle (1 km)